Why Arrange for Dog Daycare?

Crating a dog all day is popular, especially in cities where people live in apartment buildings. The animal is locked in the crate when the owner leaves the residence and is released when the owner returns. That can be eight to twelve hours depending on the occupation of the owner. There is food, but no company and no walks.

Dog walkers can be hired as an option. The professional arrives at the apartment during the day and takes the dog for a walk. To make a living at this job, walkers may collect several dogs on leashes at one time. The dog gets fresh air and exercise but is basically walked in a pack of dogs.

The Dangers of Being Home Alone

Daycare is also safer for the dog. Being crated on a hot and humid day can be dangerous for the health of the dog. Leaving the dog at home, even with a walker coming in, can be dangerous as well. The dog can break a vase or mirror and get cut or figure out how to circumvent that plastic cabinet lock and get into chemicals.

A dog daycare facility operated by professionals is a safer alternative to a crate or a walker. A climate controlled facility ensures the dog will not be adversely affected by extreme cold or heat. Play areas and dog runs allow for safe activities. Staff members are supervising all the dogs so any accidents or injuries are noticed immediately.

Benefits of Daycare

The dog is happier because it has company and room to play. That makes a huge difference in how the dog interacts with family members when home. The owner is happier because the dog has expended energy throughout the day and will not be chasing its tail around the house or apartment half the evening.

Some facilities offer training programs while the dog is at the daycare. Bathing and grooming may be offered as well. Owners do not have to spend the time and effort attempting to get a dog to into a tub for a bath. Additional services are typically priced quite low, making them a bargain. Transportation is another additional service at low pricing. Consider a daycare facility rather than a crate or walker for a happier and healthier dog.