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You have to know that domestic cats are independent and intelligent. There are some cats who are so smart that they do what they want to do. There are cats that do not hesitate on doing what they want like asking for food, wanting to be alone or play with the owner.

These cats will come with different personalities. Some cats would stay silent on the side while some cats keep on meowing around the house. Some cats are very choosy while some cats eat what they can find. Some cats eat anything a person gives it which is scary sometimes because some might be bad for the cat. Many cats try to be loners but when it comes to the love and affection from the owners, these cats will sit on your lap and love being smothered with care.

The cat will keep on rubbing its body or tail on the owner’s leg if it wants attention from the owner. Or the cat may meow around looking for you. A lot of cats are attentive in what is going on with the surroundings, shifting their ears to listen to the slightest changes in the area. A lot of cats love listening and watching as they try to understand the things happening around. Some out door cats love to glance around before they cross the road.

Cats are smart and they are known to show their side of intelligence often. They even love watching TV programs and listening to music. You can easily find out how a cat is doing, if it is stressed or not. If the cat is light and loose after picking it up, it means that the cat is relaxed. If the cat is heavy and tight, it means that it is not doing so well. You can also train your cat to do tricks like what dogs do. Cat nap was derived from cats because they love taking naps, long and relaxing naps.

If you have mice problems or pests problems, rest assured that these cats will hunt anything that moves inside your home, mice, crickets lizards and the like will be its prey, with speed, agility and intelligence, they are hunting machines.

You will also love having a cat around, you will enjoy its company and how crazy they can be, jumping around when you throw a cucumber at it or letting it sniff catnip. Before you read the cat blog you knew so little about cats in fact you never knew that cats were smart until you read this blog right? Cats are awesome and they are very good friends for human beings.

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