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Things You Should Know About Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a prevalent condition in both men and women, but the good news is there are now several different ways of treating it. However, only a few of them can rightfully be called as effective. Sad to say this, but the more effective hair loss treatments are also the priciest. If not, those that are priced on the average may bring with them some negative side effects.

Now if you’re one of those seeking help to stop or prevent hair loss, you no longer have to settle for those usual treatment options you’ve heard from your co-worker or through a TV advertisement. There’s a new and revolutionary treatment procedure that’s taking the entire medical world by storm, and it’s called low level laser therapy or LLLT. The best thing about this type of therapy is that aside from the substantial reduction of hair loss, it actually enhances hair growth, too.

Why Choose LLLT?

First off, you might have heard of this treatment with a different name, including red light therapy, low level light therapy, soft laser, cold laser, or biostimulation. The procedure involves the use of infrared laser beams with the intention of treating different health conditions, but the most common of which is hair loss. You should consider this procedure if you’re someone who have tried using many different products to no avail but also doesn’t want to undergo a painful treatment method. It is indeed the most practical method to stop or prevent hair loss because for one, it is painless, and second, it requires very minimal time commitment.

What happens when you are subjected to this procedure is that there will be an increase in local blood flow and significant decrease in inflammation; which in turn lead to hair growth stimulation. Also, it is important to learn that LLLT has already been approved by the FDA, suggesting that it isn’t just scientifically proven to be effective, it also is safe for hair restoration.

How Does it Work?

Low light laser therapy actually targets a very specific condition called “androgenetic alopecia,” or what doctors refer to as male or female pattern baldness. It’s a very common genetic condition, attributed with being the main cause of hair loss in men as well as women.

As the term suggests, the therapy uses some type of light to produce a particular wavelength; this light will naturally be absorbed by the molecules of the hair follicles. Next, the same light figures out a way to penetrate the scalp, and in so doing, it’ll stimulate the epidermal stem cells. Those stem cells are the ones responsible for the regeneration of hair follicles. But aside from stimulation, what LLLT does is it leads to increased blood flow, which means there’s an increase in the delivery of both oxygen and nutrients in the hair follicles, resulting to hair regrowth.

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